move over Goodreads, there’s a better app in town

Today, I am thankful for Book Riot and all their bookish articles. I immediately was drawn to a post called “Goodreads meets Instagram,” or something along those lines. Now, I know the whole “blank meets blank” is a real selling point for books—really any product—anywhere, since it gets fans of those two items to explore new territory, but I’ve been bothered about it before. It’s just not original to me.

Until now, however, since that description of the new app for iOS called Litsy is spot on. (SIDE NOTE: Yes, it’s only for Apple, please don’t hurt me. If I still had my Android, I’d be pissed as well. BUT the good news is that the more attention and users this app gets, the sooner it will be available to all smart phone users.)

litsy2I’ve had this app for about 5 days and let me tell you. This app is amazing. 

Here’s the scoop:

  1. It’s just like Instagram, in that every post is photo, but the catch is that each must feature a book (you have to select a book to even create a post).
  2. You have the option to blurb, quote, or review the book, but you’re limited to 300 characters in every post. SO NICE. No more super long reviews to read for those who are just looking at pretty photos and getting recommendations. You’re forced to keep your endorsements short, which helps with getting more people to read them and gaining a following! (Also helpful for booksellers, as I can attest, since it’s making me form exactly why I want everyone to read a book into just a few sentences. Perfect for hand sells.)
  3. It’s like Goodreads in that you can “shelve” your books and sort them into To Read, Have Read, and Reading categories as well as rate them with 4 possible ratings. NO STARS. Just “Like,” “So-So,” “Pan,” and “Bail.” Simple as that.
  4. The one very different feature it has is your “litfluence,” litsyapp2which is basically how popular and influential you are in getting people to interact with your posts and add your posts (you start at 42). It factors in how many books you’ve read, how many comments and likes you get, and how many people “add” your book from a post you made. Makes it a little competitive, but mostly just motivates you to do a good job with your posts for the purpose of the app: getting others excited about books you’re reading. 

Here’s a screenshot of your basic profile below (me! Shameless plug: add WordWaller to your friends as soon as you join!):

litsyappAnyway, there are some bugs, and the kinks are most definitely not worked out yet. But since it’s very new there are some definite pros:

  1. Claim your trademark username before it gets taken! You have a good chance. I’m friends with people who simply used their first name.
  2. Amass your litfluence now by being one of the first group of people to use the app. Then when everyone else joins, you have a little bit of bragging rights (and/or you are just a very trusted influence in the book world and people come to you for recs! What would be better than that?)

So all my iOS users, get litsying! Erm… litsyfying? No, that’s not right. Well, looks like we all need to work on their trademark verb. I for one will be using this app just as often as Instagram and Goodreads from now on.

Are any of you already using this app? First of all, add me so I can follow you, and two, what do you think? What features do you like and what could be improved or added? 


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