all the reasons

Okay so this post is my attempt to deviate from the books and events a little and be a real human being who writes things. I’ve been writing some reflections on things in life and I’d love to start posting them. Most have to do with literature in some way simply because my life revolves so closely around it. And I’m always, always reading, so there’s that. But anyway, it’s not a blog if there’s no personality, so, hello!

June has been busy, and I’ve been absent.

Reasons for not blogging:

  1. Every time I get home, I pull on comfy clothes, grab a drink and my book, and attempt to plop down on the reading chair ASAP. Almost immediately, my male cat starts meowing and scratching at walls, the closet doors, the tapestry, the furniture… He knows it drives me nuts. So instead of peacefully reading before starting to make dinner, I chase the cat around with a squirt bottle for sometimes 3 hours because I’ve already played with him for 30 minutes and he’s not letting up. My husband usually comes home to me fuming in anger while the cat has magically decided he’s had enough of torturing me. #truestory
  2. Summer means the I’m-not-outside-enjoying-this-nice-MN-weather guilt meter is on full blast. If it’s anywhere between 60-90 degrees, I feel like I should be outside on my patio. Laptops and patios don’t mix.
  3. Ermergerd, ervernts!! So many in June. Not that I’ve been able to go to all of them, but still.
  4. And summer stuff like visiting family, beach days, road trips…
  5. Adulting means there are always things to do! And when you’ve had enough and need a break, there’s always a book or Netflix. Or the Game of Thrones finale, or Orange is the New Black Season 4. I’m not a binge watcher anymore, but sometimes blogging requires too much thinking for my ideal downtime.
  6. Lots of work and a new season in life! My last day as a barista was today, and I’m starting an internship this week! I’ll still be working 40-something hours a week, so bear with me as I go through another transition!

Reasons to blog:

  1. Things to say. Great books to blog about, and great thoughts about life to share.
  2. My readership. I’m only hoping to grow from here, but I’m realized I need more realistic goals, and ones that fit with my schedule! So no guests posts yet, sorry readers!
  3. So many books to review!

There you have it. What have you been busy doing this summer? What’s been keeping you from your writing? 


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