BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge 2017

RHC_cover_pinterestWell, after flirting with some Litsy reading challenges for a while, I decided to only do the BookRiot Read Harder Challenge this year.

Now, as a voracious reader and bookseller who acquires many galleys, I don’t need to do it to read more. I wanted to do it to promote more books and try to give incentive to YOU guys, people who do want to be more challenged with their reading goals. But I am getting something out of it too.

For example, below are the books on the Challenge that will be the hardest for me to read:

  • A book about sports – HAHA no way! Not for me! But then I was recommended a book about swimming called Swimming Studies, so that may be it for me.
  • A book you’ve read before – I’m not a re-reader unless I’m feeling super nostalgic, so I’m thinking it’s been a while since my last Inkheart read (my favorite book from childhood). Although I could have picked something shorter!
  • A non fiction book about technology – this sounds more like one for my husband, who is going to try to read 12 books on the Challenge. Still stumped on what I will pick!
  • A book where a person of color goes on a spiritual journey – this one is going to be the Alchemist for me, especially since I just bought it and have been hand selling it to customers for a while!

Which ones have I completed so far? As far as having read the whole book, I’ve only finished two: A classic by a person of color and a book of short stories by women, which were Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis respectively. I’ll be keeping you posted throughout the year though, and promoting galleys and books being published soon that fit the categories over at Magers & Quinn in the coming months!

Will you join the Challenge with me? Or are you doing a different challenge of your own? Let me know in the comments! 



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