Lit Luminaries: Highlights and anecdotes from events and circumstances pertaining to literature, words, writers, and the literary community (specifically Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) including book reviews and other book-related content.

Purpose: The blog’s purpose is to find highlights and spotlight interesting, funny, powerful, or important things in events and circumstances pertaining to literature and books, words, writers, and the literary community of my native Twin Cities and to share them with others to contribute to this community. It’s also, at least for now, my personal blog and website, so as a bookseller I’m sharing my book reviews and other book-related posts. 

Why? I’m a writer, a freelancer, and a bookseller at a family-owned, independent bookstore in Minneapolis and also want to pursue a career in trade book publishing in Minnesota. I’m highly passionate about the artistic, literary community in St. Paul and my hometown of Minneapolis and have the privilege of selling books at and attending many fantastic readings, book conventions, and other meet ups and gatherings of the Twin Cities’ writers, poets, publishers, and book-passionate people. I wanted to be a bigger part of the conversation and add everything in my driven mind. I also wanted people to know more about how great the lit scene is here! Please comment, share, and join me in the literary discussion!

What you will find: 

  • Information and recaps about lit events such as book/poetry readings, publishing events like fundraisers or parties, book fairs, and other miscellaneous, fantastic happenings.
  • Book buzz, book reviews, book lists—chaos! cats! coffee! If it’s uniquely about or relating to books, and it fits, it will be published here.
  • (Eventually) author and poet interviews. (Hmm, or book blogger interviews? Publishers? Basically anyone who works or volunteers with books—let’s get this conversation started! Do you want to be featured? Do you want to grab coffee and just talk about amazingness? Shoot me an email and I will adore you forever at waller.sarah.ann [at] gmail [dot] com!)
  • Career advice and memorabilia as learned by and pertaining to the publishing industry and/or bookselling.
  • Book reviews and other book-related posts.

20150924_092211About me: I graduated in December ‘13 with a degree in writing and literature but didn’t really decide on my career choice until the passion ignited at AWP in Minneapolis in April ‘14. Ever since then, I could not be more excited about this wonderful book community, and I want to do my part to foster and build it. I’m a bookseller at Magers & Quinn Booksellers in Uptown Minneapolis and, for now, the sales intern at Consortium Books & Distribution. 

I’m an Italian at heart with a love for travel, tattoos, my 2 cats, hard cider, horror movies and urban legends, and antiquing/thrifting. My favorite movies and shows of all time include (because you get to really know a person depending on what they watch!) are Pride & Prejudice (2004), Firefly, Cabin in the Woods, A Knight’s Tale, Game of Thrones, Reign, Anne of Green Gables, The Mummy, Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Mean Girls. 

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