ideas for indie bookstore day

HEY GUYS, guess what!

Saturday, April 30 is Independent Bookstore Day. 

indie bookstore day 2016

You heard me: a day to celebrate all your favorite indie bookstores! Visit! Read! Buy! Say hello!

Though I work that evening (at my very own favorite indie bookstore), I have until 4pm to hit as many Twin Cities metro bookstores as possible. And yes, that is my goal.

Actually, here’s the part where I tell you that my goal for this summer is to hit them all. All of them that are within an hour or two of Minneapols, anyway. Unless of course I’m on a trip up north or wherever, then I will make it a point to visit any bookstore within 30 miles of my location. Don’t worry, I’ll be chronicling my adventures—with photos!—on this blog. I’ll make it a point to meet a person at each bookstore and HOPEFULLY (if I can afford it) buy a book or piece of memorabilia from each store. I haven’t solidified all the “rules” yet, but those are what I have so far.

Anyways, back to April 30.

I can’t tell you all the details yet, because I’m not sure who even knows them all. But on April 30 you can get a Twin Cities Independent Bookstore Day Passport. There are 10 stores featured (but that’s the part I don’t know yet. The only store I know for sure is Magers & Quinn!), and if you collect all 10 stamps on your passport, take a picture of the completed stamps page, and tweet it to @MidwestBooks, you’ll apparently receive a $10 gift certificate from all 10 participating stores. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I got this limited info from Magers & Quinn. So you should start by going there (shameless plug!) 😉

Please, if you can, take this opportunity to show the love to the independently owned and bookish and amazing stores that keep readers’ hungry minds happy. Skip Barnes & Noble, and skip Amazon—at least just for the DAY—and experience something totally new, even if you only visit one!

Here are some ideas for the frugal or the time-limited indie bookstore shopper:

  1. Buy a new (or unique used!) book as a Christmas present. Just don’t forget where you stashed it when wrapping season comes around! But think of how prepared you’ll feel!
  2. Check out some of the awesome, limited one-day-only merchandise that will be available at participating stores! Like the temporary tattoos available at M&Q!
  3. Buy a book of poems for National Poetry Month before it’s over! Heck, maybe you should read one poem at every bookstore (hmmm, I might actually have to steal this idea)…
  4. Take a photo of the most unique book, rare, used, or otherwise—that you find and share it on social media! Don’t forget to use the #IBD2016 tag! Check out my own Instagram (link in about) for my #IBD2016 adventures.

Don’t forget to have fun and share the book love with everyone you know!

Here’s the list of participating Minnesota bookstores that I found hereSince some are fairly far apart, try just visiting the ones in the Twin Cities or near suburbs at least!