Review: The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees (Ten Speed Press, 272 pages)

Synopsis from Goodreads: Many women don’t know what their personal style is, don’t have a wardrobe that actually matches their style or life, and don’t know how to shop for a structured wardrobe of all pieces that can be worn easily and confidently. Style and minimalism blogger Anuschka Rees presents a fascinatingly strategic, prescriptive approach to identifying, refining, and expressing personal style and building the ideal wardrobe to match it, with style and shopping strategies that women can use every day. Including beautiful full-color fashion photography, infographics, and activities, The Curated Closet is a useful guide covering everything women need to know to fully realize their individual style and create their perfect functional and beautiful wardrobe.

Recommended for: fashion enthusiasts or bloggers, anyone interested in changing up their closet, shoppers, big spenders, people who are suckers for sales, minimalists.

The Curated Closet was an easy, down to earth read giving practical advice for the person who wants to find their personal style or live with fewer, but more high quality and tailored-to-you pieces of clothing in their closet.

It reads like a fashion blog carefully tailored (haha, sorry, couldn’t help myself) into a book that progresses from figuring out what you want in a wardrobe to teaching you how to select high quality clothing. Some other subjects she covers is information about capsule wardrobes, minimalist living, how to clean out your closet, how to stop impulse sale buying, how to shop mindfully, and much more. I’ll admit I learned a lot and as a baby minimalist, I’ve been trying to figure out how to live by many of the principles in this book such as only buying pieces that fit right, that I love, and that go with everything else in my wardrobe.

The cons were that I don’t have time for all the fun exercises she includes towards the beginning of the book, like taking a picture of your outfit every day for two weeks and then creating an inspiration board to figure out what you want and how to change your closet to reflect that. As other reviewers have stated, teenage me would have been all over that but adult me has to just get by on some of the more practical and less time-consuming advice in the book. Luckily there’s a lot of that! It’s a little long, but there were only small stuff here and there that I wasn’t interested in.

Unfortunately the Kindle edition was very annoying to read: it had formatting problems up the wazoo and the pictures here and there didn’t help. However, I did use my bookmark feature a lot as there’s a lot I want to revisit when I have the time or recall something I learned in this book. Another con is that the book is very female-centric (as stated in the synopsis, but still!). I would have liked to see more inclusivity towards men’s wardrobes and clothes, but I guess I can see why all her examples were from either her closet or the “typical” woman shopper since that’s the primary audience of the book (and it was long enough as is!). Some people will feel left out, though, or if you don’t struggle with sales and impulse buying, take the advice with a grain of salt. In all, pretending I read the book in print and not on the Kindle, 5 stars.

Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


my summer reading goals

summer reading goalsAfter much deliberation, the Minnesota weather has decided to grace us with spring! Which means, for us Minnesotans, jumping right in to summer activities while the weather lasts us. I’m not saying summer is for sure here to stay (*knocks on wood*), but I’ll take the 70-degree day I had yesterday as a sign that my summer reading list should be set in stone and ready for reading.

Thus, here you have it. I decided to make the goals first and end up with whatever number seemed reasonable after all the goals I wanted to accomplish. So the number doesn’t really matter.

  1. A book on a craft/skill (not a language)
  2. One book of poetry every month (May-Aug)
  3. A biography or autobiography
  4. A book of essays
  5. A horror novel or book of short stories
  6. Book(s?) by an author of color
  7. 3 classics or timeless books (Jun-Aug)
  8. At least one translated work
  9. A nonfiction book to edify (i.e. self help, spirituality, home care, psychology, career, etc)
  10. A book I’ve never heard of before
  11. A book of short stories (regular fiction)
  12. At least galleys/ARCs that are still unpublished (which goes with my goal of sending reviews to Indie’s Next List, which has to be 2 months in advance)
  13. 13 is my lucky number! This goal is going to come from YOU. Leave a comment! (I will wait a few days to decide who gets the spot, or I may take every suggestion—I get to decide since this blog is a baby!)

I reserve the right to add to this list but not take any item away. Also, as of May 2, any book I have started to read before today will not count towards my goal (which means the 8 books I’m reading right now, lol). I will post an update about my summer reading goals monthly, but of course periodically may mention how I’m doing here and there. I’m also planning on posting a projected reading list of books I am looking forward to reading most but may of course not get to them all this summer or have to choose others in favor of my goals.

What are your summer reading goals? Any particular genres, authors, or titles you are looking forward most to reading? What goals do you think I should add to mine!? Leave me a comment!